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  • 初二关于新年英语作文




    The Spring Festival is one of the most important and traditional festivals in China.Our familiy members gather to celebrate the festival.We eat dumplings,were new clothes,playing firecrackers and send a greeting to frends and so on.Parents will give there children money for the new year coming.

    Then we go to our frends or relatives home and says "happy new year!" .

    In a word,the Sping Festival is very interesting very important festival.


    As the spring festival is coming, I decide to tell you something about Spring Festival .

    Spring Festival ,known as the Chinese New Year,which counts from the first day in the lunar calendar ,and is the most important holiday in China.From late January to early February,Chinese people are busy preparing for the New Year.They clean their houses ,have their hair cut,and buy new clothes .Jiaozi or dumpling is most popular.To those who live far away from their home,this festival is also a framily reunion occasion.

    And they often go back home to celebrate the festival with their family.At the time,the children will play the fireworks and firecracker。further more,once the children greet to olds, for return,the olds will give the children lucky money.and last The first day of the new year is the time when people visit their friends and wish each other good luck in the new year,remember to be happy!


    The Chinese New Year has a great history. In our past, people lived in an agricultural society and worked all year long. They only took a break after the harvest and before the planting of seeds. This happens to coincide with the beginning of the lunar New Year.

    The Chinese New Year is very similar to the Western one, rich in traditions, folklores and rituals. It has been said that it is a combination of the Western Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. This is hardly an exaggeration!

    The origin of the Chinese New Year itself is centuries old - in fact, too old to actually be traced. It is popularly recognized as the Spring Festival and celebrations last 15 days.

    Preparations tend to begin a month before the date of the Chinese New Year (similar to a Western Christmas). During this time people start buying presents, decoration materials, food and clothing. A huge clean-up gets underway days before the New Year, when Chinese houses are cleaned from top to bottom. This ritual is supposed to sweep away all traces of bad luck. Doors and windowpanes are often given a new coat of paint, usually red, then decorated with paper cuts and couplets with themes such as happiness, wealth and longevity printed on them.






    the 围城读后感300字 小王子读后感英文

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